Tackling the issues that matter

  • Public Safety

    Concord Police and general public safety are absolutely vital to our great city. it seems the crimes we read about in the newspaper are becoming more violent and potentially more dangerous. In order for our City to continue to thrive, we need to recognize the importance of police, public safety and look for new ways to fund police protection services. I am committed to working closely with city leaders, our Police Chief, and our officers to look for new approaches to fighting and preventing crime in Concord.
  • Local Jobs

    Concord is the largest city in Contra Costa County and we need to focus on attracting more business, including small businesses, into our City. We can no longer afford to sit back and wait for businesses to find us. I support and will volunteer to lead a task force of City leaders looking to promote Concord as a “great city to do business in,” and devising a game plan to attract targeted businesses to our City. From the Concord Naval Weapons Station property, to the redevelopment of the Monument Corridor and Todos Santos Plaza, we have great potential and unlimited opportunities. The decisions we make here will become some of the City’s most defining moments.
  • City Budget

    Devising a stable budget is one of my highest priority. For over a decade, our City’s leaders have instituted solid financial policies that have allowed Concord to thrive. Now, we need to look at developing a short-term and longer- term financial plan to balance the budget, without dipping significantly into our reserves or cutting vital City services. To do this, I am a strong advocate of prioritizing programs and services so that we identify which ones are most vital to our citizens. Through our Budget Stabilization efforts, we are looking to find ways to address all of our liabilities, such as our aging infrastructure needs, and fund them in a sustainable manner.